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Carpet Cleaning

To compliment our regularly scheduled janitorial cleaning, we also offer all the periodic services that you are likely to need.

Regular vacuuming is a must, but the carpets need to be cleaned a couple times a year, as well. You won't need to call someone else!  We offer a couple of different procedures designed to meet your budget, offer flexibility, and keep your carpet looking good.

Whereas most carpet cleaners use only one machine, we use two. Our standard carpet cleaning process utilizes two machines in succession: a scrubber and an extractor.  Scrubbers are a great for working the nap of the carpet and removing clearly visible spots and stains.  The best way to envision a scrubber is like a "motorized rag".  Much like grabbing a rag and a little detergent to scrub off a spot in the carpet, scrubbers work almost identically.   Just a lot more action and efficiency. 

Extractors are the more widely recognized carpet cleaning machines.  They inject a hot cleaning solution into the carpet and immediately suction the dirty solution back out.  They are a great means for not only making your carpet look better but also for removing lots of dirt down in the carpet where you can't see.

Used in combination, this two step process will clean the carpet's full profile: scrubbers working the top of the carpet getting out stains, and extractors lifting out dirt all the way down to the bottom.

Ask us about these two processes which can be used together, separately, and in a combination sequence throughout the year.

Are you "one" with your carpet?..

Carpet cleaning yoga.

Or is it turning your stomach?

Ugly traffic patterns … coffee spills … ground in mud and dirt. It doesn’t take long for a office’s carpet to start looking haggard. And that can give your entire business a dull, dated appearance.

Teaberry’s service pros can restore your carpet’s beauty and make your entire office look brighter and more inviting. We even get out some of the stains other carpet cleaners leave behind.
All major carpet manufacturers recommend regular cleaning to maintain your carpet’s appearance and increase its life. Call us today.

You’ll be delighted with our employees’ on-time, diligent service and our competitive pricing.