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Tile polishing and refinishing

Most companies have some if not a lot of tile in their high traffic and bathroom areas. Mopping helps remove the daily dirt, but eventually the shines will wane.  Shiny floors look good, dull ones don't.  Worse, as the surface accumulates scratches and loses its finish, it will hold the dirt all the more.
Tile entrance.
Vinyl composite tile (VCT) is actually fairly porous.  Without a top finish coat, it easily accumulates dirt and is far more susceptible to stains, which can be permanent.  VCT needs to be periodically refinished; it will look better and stay cleaner.

We offer VCT refinishing services that fall into three categories: polishing, recoating, and stripping.

If the finish is dull, but otherwise is in good shape, the VCT can be polished back to luster via Spray Buffing.  It works great and will restore that "wet look" shine, as long as there is still a reasonable amount of coating to work with.
If the finish is a bit more rough, we can machine scrub the surface to remove embedded dirt, grime, and dust, and apply one new coat of finish.  The Scrub and Recoat works well at removing dirt and restore shine without the cost of stripping. It's a process that can be employed repeatedly, and one regularly employed by most of our customers.

Sooner or later, a full stripping of the old finish is needed.  Old, yellowed, and dingy, that original coat will eventually need to be removed completely and redone.  In these cases, we perform a full Strip & Recoat.  Machine stripping removes the old coating, light scratches, and some surface stains.  With a spankin' clean new surface to work with, we put down several new layers of floor polish that will form the base coating that can provide for years of service.

We recommend that most customers consider a periodic schedule to regularly service their tile floors. Keeping that wet-look shine is good, helping you stay cleaner is even better. 

Do your floors shine?

Shiny tile flooring.

Your floors are often the most prominent focal point when someone enters your business. What are your floors saying about you? Are they dull, scuffed or yellowed with waxy buildup?

When you rely on Teaberry to maintain your floors you are assured clean, shiny surfaces that make everyone in the office proud.  Floor stripping and waxing can restore tile back to its original glory, but it takes heavy equipment, know-how and a lot of hard work to get the job done right. Don’t do it yourself.

Call us to strip off the old coatings, remove scuffs and marks, apply slip-resistant finishes and add a top coat to help the beautiful results last longer. We even offer the optically enhanced “wet-look” polish for tile that really brings out the shine.

Call us today at 303-254-6310 to discuss what you have in mind. We’ll take care of everything!