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Residential exterior painting services.

Your home is your biggest investment, your pride and joy. It deserves the protection of a top quality paint job. And you deserve the caring service of Teaberry, the professionals who know how to do the work right.

We’re a proven team of service professionals – not like the guys you may have hired in the past to do some painting.  Our crews are trained, courteous, supervised, and take the care necessary to protect your driveway, deck, vehicles, and windows from paint.
Exterior painting preparation work.
You can count on us for the quality prep work in the beginning that assures you a finished job that looks good and lasts even longer in the end.  No short cuts here!  We monitor the progress and workmanship of every crew — every day.  And all work is performed by our employees, not subcontractors.

For most homes, we start off by power washing the house. This helps dislodge dirt, bugs, salts and whatever else may be on your home’s surface. When this debris is removed, the paint adheres better to your home. And don’t worry — we just wash, not scrape. Scraping off old, peeling paint is something best done by hand; which is what we do.

Next, we spot prime all the bald spots, caulk the house to help seal out moisture and then mask all areas that need protection from paint.

For finish coating, just tell us what you want. Would you like one coat or two?  Or would you like one coat for the body and two on the trim? Some people have requested us to apply two coats to on just the south sides of their homes. Just tell us what you want.

We know you’ll love the quality of our work and we’re just as confident you like the way our employees conduct themselves on your jobsite. Our men show up when they say they will. They are courteous, and they treat your home with the same care as they would their own. No spills on the driveway, deck, landscaping or your vehicles.
Finished house exterior.
The truth is, you won’t find a more thoughtful, conscientious painting service company than Teaberry.

Steps to getting an estimate.

Give us a call at 303-254-6310 when you’re ready to get started.  Usually we can be out to meet with you right away.  We'll start by taking 5 to10 minutes to ask a few questions about what you want done to your home.  From there we'll need another 15 minutes to measure up, and another 15 minutes to write up a proposal.

Actually, we print out a proposal - right on the spot.  With a complete take-off of the home entered into our computer, we can provide an option for whatever option you might request.  Would you like a separate number to stain the deck?  We also do fences!  Perhaps an option to paint the shed.  One coat or two coats for the house. Most people don't always know exactly what they want at the time, so options are good!  Having options, and their associated costs, can help you decide, and get the job the best suited your needs.

Usually within 45 minutes we can have your completed proposal in your hand.  But before we go, we'll taken 10 or 15 minutes to allow you to look it over and get all your questions answered. 

This is a great way to get a proposal to paint your house!  In fact, it's the only process you should consider.  Hands on.  In person. And you get a look at who you are doing business with.  It's prepared on the spot and tailored specifically to your requests, and for your home. You get all of your questions answered. And your get it all in an hour.

Steps to get painted.

Don't expect a call from us once you have your proposal.  We're not going to bug you.  It's just our policy not harass people with sales calls.  So you will need to call us.  And call us as soon as you've made the decision to have us paint your home.

Call us right away and get placed on our schedule.  The work load can change rapidly during the busy season.  And if you have an urgent need, be sure to let us know right away!
Can of green paint.
Then next you'll need to take care of all those administrative matters.  First of all, you will need to sign one of the copies of the agreement and mail it to us. (Keep one copy for yourself.)  We need your written authorization before we can start any work.  So get that signed agreement off to us right away, because we can't start any work without it.
Start looking at colors, if you haven't done so already.  The sooner is definitely the better. Colors are usually the hardest and slowest part of this entire process. Sometimes your colors seem to fall right into place; sometimes they don't. We've seen some people take weeks.  In fact, the longest time span we ever seen taken by a customer to finally decide on her colors was 18 months!!??

Thankfully, for most people, this isn't normal, but don't take it lightly either. We highly recommend test patching your chosen paint colors prior to calling them into us.  There's nothing like seeing them up on the wall to help sort out choices. The paint up on the wall may look a little bit different than the color on the sample chip.

SW Color VisualizerYou can also go the the Sherwin-Williams web site to experiment with colors using their Color Visualizer program.   It can be fun and helpful - just remember that the accuracy of the colors on your screen is... not accurate.

And don't forget:  If you have an HOA, their approval for your colors may be necessary.

Once we have your paperwork and your colors - we're ready!  We'll set a date to start work, usually preceded by a power washing a couple of days earlier.

Prepare for our arrival!      Look over the check list below.  It's not complete and exhaustive, but it is some of the more common considerations and complications we've run into over the years.   Take a look:

  • DO - open any wood windows within 4 to 6 hours after we have painted them.  If left closed, the window can become stuck to the frame, and be very difficult to get open.
  • DO - Keep your windows closed the day we are to power wash. If your windows are open upon our arrival - we can't power wash that day.
  • DO - Make sure your gates are unlocked, so we can get in.
  • DO - Make sure we have access to an outside electrical outlet.
  • DO - Clear items away from the house.  Take down decorative and ornamental items, and take them in until we are finished
  • DO - PLEASE keep all pets out of the work area, at all times.
  • DON'T - close any painted door before the paint has a chance to fully dry.  It will stick quite well to the insulation strip inside the frame.
  • DON'T - open the garage door until you check it from the outside.  Once painted, the door could stick to the frame and/or the vinyl sash that seals out air between the door and the frame, and opening the door could tear the paint right off the door, or worse.  Either way - it's a mess.  So, go outside and push in on the door a bit and check for any sticking before opening the door.
  • DON'T -  Turn your water off.  We need water to clean up with.
  • DON'T - Leave on vacation!  We need you around in case questions arise.  You don't need to be there every hour, but don't leave town either.  We're going to need you a bit here and there, in order to get you done right the first time.

Watch the weather!  If it's sunny and dry, we're probably doing good and likely to be right on time.  If the weather turns temperamental... cold, windy or rainy, the schedule will suffer a bit accordingly.

Did we miss something?

Kid upside down.Our "Touch Me Up" policy is your guarantee that if we missed something, we'll take care of it. Maybe it's a day later; maybe it's a week later. We don't care if it's a month later. Just call us. We will have someone out to take care of it typically within 24 to 48 hours.

We won't make you stand on your head to get fixed!

Go with Teaberry, and..

Couple in front of home.

Avoid the “Painful Paint Job!”

We all expect the best from those we hire. But, unless you’re dealing with a professional painting service, you’re putting your peace of mind and your wallet at risk. 

Watch out for …

  • Your guess is as good as theirs…
    as to when they will actually show up to start work.

  • Start and stop, start and stop…
    and take 3 weeks to do a 3 day job.

  • Never return your phone calls.

  • While they’re painting your house...
    they also paint the sidewalk, your car, and your neighbor’s house while they’re at it.

  • Leave the work debris…
    long after they’ve left.

  • Leave, never to be heard from again...
    if the job turns sour.

  • Only give a “Tail Light Guarantee”...
    the guarantee is over once they drive away.

So instead of calling a paint contractor...
Hire a Service Company!

"Get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that the work will be done properly, and you'll be treated professionally."